Welcome at Wöhrmann

As a specialist for egg sorting and packing machines, we have been developed perfected solutions for  40 years. Not matter if new or used Equipment, we are the right partner to search for a suitable solution. If your egg grader need a Service or you need to have any extention on it, give us a call.

Conveniently located at Lohne in Lower Saxony, our service network covers all egg centres in Germany: in Frankfurt, Regensburg, Berlin, Dresden, Magdeburg and of course on our own doorstep in the 'Oldenburger Münsterland'.

And in just the same way that every egg is treated with the utmost care, so too do our customers receive our full attention. Something that those who know us have come to appreciate. And we invite everyone else to make up for what they have been missing out on. Accompanied with the promise: You can count on us!

Welcome to Wöhrmann GmbH.


New Building at Gerken Busch in Lohne


2014-12-01 Installation Moba 2500 in southern Germany

Installation of a young, used Moba 2500 in southern Germany. The original machine was added by two automatic packing lanes, and a collection table under the final outlet.

2014-11-21 Industrial PC

You are looking for a replacement for your grader PC ? We can offer you a cheaper alternative to the original, which has no disadvantages. Here you will find more Information: Industrial PC

2012-12-12 New Labelling machines

As a new distributor of Italora we have now labelling machines in our product range again.The new developed software "Egg Commander" is perfectly adapted to the needs of the eggs industry. New labels will be distributed...

2012-12-04 New Calibration Eggs

With our Calibration Eggs you can check your grader for proper function. Conveniently, you can order these eggs in a set for 4 classes grading (74g,72g,64g,62g,54g,52g).

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Wöhrmann GmbH

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