Supreme coding quality, straightforward system

Our long-standing experience on the egg-marking sector hat culminated in a new and simple egg coding system: EGG FLEX

Available as a "stand-alone" system for manual collection or as an add-on unit for all types of egg grading and packing systems

Capacity: 21.600 eggs/hour or as determined by grading system

Text easily changed by means of exchangeable "print tool"

Unique combination of ink reservoir in "prind head"

Print Size: 16 mm, 4 lines

Excellent and constant coding quality on graded and ungraded eggs. The print head gently contacts each individual egg, hugging the curvature of the egg.

Minimum consumption costs.

The food-safe ink only contains dyes that are listed in EU Directives for marking eggs. The red ink is clearly identifiable in automatic dirt detection systems.

Mains power supply: 110V-230V~, 50-60Hz, 20W.

Models available:

Flex 1: 1 row grading system
Flex 2: 2 rows grading system
Flex 3: 3 rows grading system
Flex 5: 5 rows grading system / PSP Packer
Flex 6: 6 rows grading system, packing lane grading system or farm packer
Flex7/10: breeding hurdles packing lane
Flex 12: 12 rows infeed conveyor of egg grading machine

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