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New from World market leader

We offer small hand Packers and Farmpackers from Moba. Whether the smallest table top machine "Mobanette" with its 1,600 eggs/h, the larger Type68 with 3,000 eggs/h or the automatic graders P2000/M2500 up to 30.000 eggs/h. These types of machines have already proved their worth in decades of customer service.


For the Farmpackers we offer Mopacks with a capicity of 20.000 - 36.000 Egss/hour.

Machine Type Capacity Layout Accessories
Moba Typ68 3.000 Eggs/H 4-classes Stainless Steel
Mobanette 1.600 Eggs/H 4-classes Stainless Steel
Mopack 55 20.000 Eier/Std opt Traystacker Stainless Steel
Mopack 70 25.000 Eier/Std Traystacker Stainless Steel
Mopack 100 36.000 Eier/Std Traystacker Stainless Steel
Moba P2000 20.000 Eier/Std different layouts Stainless Steel
Moba 2500 30.000 Eier/Std different layouts Stainless Steel

Egg graders


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