Good, used and great value for money

If you are looking for a good, used egg grading machine – this is what we can offer you right now. Needless to say, all machines have been completely overhauled and are in superb condition.

If there is not the right machine for you on our list, just ask still with us. Through the extensive network of European service Partner we often can find reasonable solutions for you.

We are constantly looking for used egg graders and packers. Just give us a call and we will make a fair offer.

Machine Type Capacity Layout Accessories
Moba Denester      

Moba Denester

At the moment we have a lot of Moba denesters in stock. Whether as a single unit for Farmpackers or as a double block for Graders, whether overhauled or not. We certainly have the right solution for you. Simply inquire.

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